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The Printmaking Department has four studios equipped for both traditional and contemporary approaches to printmaking. A solid foundation in the traditional techniques and methods of printmaking is encouraged before students embark on conceptual explorations that often include cross-disciplinary engagement, artist’s books, illustration, installation, and performance.

The hydrolic etching press in the press room: Photographed by Amor Coetzee

The department has access to state-of- the-art Apple Mac computers, scanners and printers for those wanting to work in the digital realm. This is a new field for us and we are still building capacity in this area.

There are two formal press rooms – one dedicated to the etching process with a hand operated Littlejohn printing press for relief and intaglio printing as well as two electric presses for large format intaglio printing. The second press room houses a lithographic proofing press, litho stones and a Charles Brand stone lithography press. The department also has a vacuum table for screenprinting.

Binding press and LittleJohn press: Photographed by Amor Coetzee

The two remaining studios are unstructured and may be adapted to suit contemporary art practices. Students are encouraged to create individual work spaces where they may work undisturbed for extended periods of time.

Illustration students at their individual workspaces: Photographed by Amor Coetzee

Photographs by Amor Coetzee